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Albisindo Bersama Nusantara has been established as a charcoal briquette manufacturer in Gebog, Kudus, Central Java, Indonesia. Albisindo Bersama Nusantara started to manufacture Briquette in November 2016, with 100 employees in our company we produce 200 tons of briquette per month.


To provide quality product that exceeds the expectations of our customer


To be a leader in the coconut shell charcoal briquette industry by providing enhanced products, services and profitability


Maintain and improve the quality of briquettes according to demand in various regions.


Briquettes are charcoal that has been further processed so that it has a high absorbency in the form of liquid or vapor. The process of making briquettes from coconut shell charcoal includes pyrolysis, crushing or grinding, mixing, compaction and drying. Based on the shape, briquettes are divided into cube, hexagonal and cylindrical/finger briquettes. Briquettes made from coconut shell charcoal have several advantages such as not emitting smoke, producing a high level of heat, being environmentally friendly, and burning for a longer time. The biggest use of briquettes today is as fuel for barbecues and also as fuel for hookah/shisha.


Size 25 x 25 mm


Size 25 x 50 mm


Size 22 x 22 mm



In 2016 during the first year of our establishment researched the best briquette composition from the beginning and it took a long time. Continuously trying and failed until obtained the best composition of the raw materials and supporting materials that were processed in such a way as to produce the best quality briquettes.

  • 2017-2018

    Our Humble Beginnings

    Taking advantage of the surrounding environment that has many coconut resources, we started this business with the enthusiasm of coconut farmers and local residents to make briquettes. During this period we were not able to export on our own, we started producing briquettes for local buyers in Indonesia.

  • 2018-2019

    Promotion of briquettes outside the region

    We are always trying to figure out how we can independently export briquettes. And the result in 2018 we were able to export to the Middle East constantly.

  • 2019-2020

    Expand national level business

    To be able to expand the market is not easy, because briquettes in this case have various specifications for each country. We continue to do research and development to be able to fit each country's specifications with the best composition.

  • 2020 - Now

    Expand international level business

    Our research and development efforts are paid off. Until this year, we have been able to export our briquettes to the Middle East, Russia, Australia, Japan, Brazil and USA of course with different specifications using the best composition.

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Shipped Globally

Shipped 200 tons of briquettes per month

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